Thursday, March 22, 2012


I am excited about National Geographic airing Navajo Cops. It shows every Monday evening. I don't know if this illegal or not, I found a link that shows the last episode. I watched it... and felt a little weird. It's like Cops on the Rez... Navajo Cops. Huh.

Here's the link, watch and enjoy.
Just close the small box and push play on screen behind it.

Warning! Has a scary skinwalker!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Another tutoring session

My glorious pi-day (3.14) was spent in class, the library, home for lunch, tutoring center, the park, gym, and Chili's. Half of the activities on my list, I spent with my beautiful sister Tiff. We spent the evening laughing about the gnats that were stuck on her face after we got done running. Honestly, there were at least seven stuck in her face-sweat AFTER she wiped some off. She looked pretty goofy. But she was still pretty. I wish I could rock gnats.

Before Tiff and I went jogging, I spent some time in the Tutoring Center. I walked in, asked the main tutoring-guy, Alan, if I could work with the plastic models for Anatomy. He directed me to a secret room filled with intense students who were seated by microscopes and miniature muscle/organ models. Alan asked two Latino boys if I could join them since I needed the same model to study from. They were very enthusiastic and exclaimed "Sure!" We didn't exchange names, all I remember are the color of their shirts - red and pink. They turned to me and the boy-in-the-pink asked "Is your lab tomorrow?"
I responded "No, it's on Friday. I did pretty bad on my last practical. I gotta do better this time."
Him: "Who's your instructor?"
Me: "Christina."
Him: "Oh really?! She's very cool. I like her. She's a good instructor."
Me: "Yeah. She's pretty tough. Well, I guess this whole course is tough."
Him: "Yeah it is. What's your grade in this class?"
Feeling pretty good about myself, I responded "I have a B."
Both of the boys looked at each other and then back to me and said "Oh." Like I just told them I had a C or something. Kind of hurt my pride.
So I said: "What's your grade?"
Boy-in-the-red responded: "My brother (points at brother) has the highest grade in our class."
Boy-in-the-pink became embarrassed and modestly said: "Well, probably not anymore. He (points at his brother) probably has the highest grade now."
B.i.t.r.: "He has a 104%."
Me: "What?! Serious?! Wow!"
B.i.t.p, still modest, responded: "Well, I have a 98% now. I didn't turn in my study guide last week."
Me: "And it brought your grade down by 2%?"
B.i.t.p.: *Silent
B.i.t.r.: "Well. 104 to 98... more like 6%."
B.i.t.p.: "Oh yeah haha."
Me: *Silent. "I'm going to concentrate more on the skeleton. Ummm, I'll just use this model over here to study from..."
Both: "Haha okay cool."

Another reminder as to why I need to go the tutoring center. So I can be surrounded by smart people.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What to do... Part I.

Sometimes, sometimes, people ask what my family and I do when we visit my Gramma. And since they sometimes ask, I will share with some photos.

You can run on beautiful trails, just behind your Masani's (Grandma's) house!

You can have a good view of the Monsoon Season. AND indulge in the soothing, refreshing, and delicious scent of damp earth, sage, and pine. A scent that only the rain can create successfully and naturally.

You can have "jumping-off-trucks" contests with your little bro. (And with other limber relatives, if they are present).

You can use your Masani for a pillow while you watch t.v. (Although you cannot exceed a certain weight limit for this).

You can volunteer to hand out goody-bags to drivers at DWI checkpoints.

...You can teach kids to climb rocks.

And you can help your niece make party-hats. Then give one to your Masani, who puts it on and wears it while she naps.

That's it for Part I.
P.S. Shi'masani aka My Gramma is awesome. We showed her the pictures we took of her and she laughed.

Procrastinating Homeowork.

Yeah I meant to add the extra "o" in homework. Where did I get the inspiration from? Why, from my homework of course. We covered homeostasis a few weeks ago in my A&P class. I then went to the tutoring center to fully understand and grasp this wonderful topic. There were many tables set up in the T.C. Each one had a specific label: English, Math, Chemistry, etc. The labels looked like the flags you raise/lower at Ponchos in Mesa, AZ. Except... you didn't get tasty Mexican-American comida :(

I sat at the "Biology" table, pulled out my books and notes, then patiently waited for a tutor. A tall cowboy with a trucker's hat and Justin steel-toe boots sat down next to me. Justin Steeltoe asked what I needed help with. I told him "I don't fully understand homo-stasis."
He said, "Well, what don't you understand?"
Me: "The negative and positive feedback."
Justin: "Oh (proceeds to tell me about negative feedback)."
Me: "Oh! I wish my instructor would explain homo-stasis in a simple way like this."
Justin: "Hmmm... first of all it's homeo-stasis. Not homo-stasis. Home-ee-yo. Like... sup homie yo."
Me: "Haha! Well, if I knew how to say it right, I probably wouldn't be in the tutoring center."
Justin: "Haha! Right?"
He's a cool guy.

Anyways. After explaining my title for this post, I will get to the point... I'm procrastinating homework. Wanna know how? I think these pictures explain:


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sooooo long!

Well, it's about time I write something :) I finished my AmeriCorps program with 2,000+ volunteer hours. I miss it. A lot. I guess I remembered blogging because I have so much free time before school starts.

Along with remembering about blogs, I've been getting excited for the fair season! Haha yes, I admit it. I'm excited for the Navajo Nation Fair in Window Rock ...and what the heck, even Shiprock. In the past, I've complained about the fair being too dirty, dusty, blah blah blah, but who am I kidding? I've had a blast each year that I went!

Visiting family and discovering new relatives; waking up at 5 a.m. to get a good spot for the parade; eating a breakfast burrito filled with spam and potatoes; watching my Uncle getting beat by old grandmas in the frybread making contest; eating Navajo burgers to my little stomach's content; checking out the Men of the Navajo Nation calendar guys, haha just kidding; gawking at Native celebrities; watching the powwow; oh so many things to list!

I tried uploading some videos of the Fair, but it's taking for. ev. er. I will try again later. In the meanwhile, here is a picture I got off of Google. Look how long the parade route is! We use to camp overnight for a spot. Now we walk down the road with our chairs until we find some relatives of ours. Then make ourselves cozy (after they invite us of course). Smart? I would like to think so was my Uncle's idea.

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Charcoal of Some Old Man

This 8.3 x 11 inch drawing took place in my four hour art class. I know this guy is scary looking, but everyone was choosing the same sweet old lady. So I put down my copy of the Old Lady and chose this. I started with vine charcoal, when every feature was in place I switched to compressed charcoal. While I was drawing, a 60-ish year old lady walked by on her way to the bathroom (yeah, my seat was next to the hallway that housed the bathrooms). She stopped and gave me a hug, saying I did a good job. It made me feel good, you know, the warm fuzzy feeling good. We've been friends since then... well, saying-hi-to-each-other-friends.

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Pastel of Martha Graham 18x24 in.

Final project in my figure drawing class. The assignment: choose a picture with good highlights, shadows, the face and full body. I chose Martha Graham, not only because this photo met all the requirements but also because she wrote the essay "An Athlete of God". She used the analogy of dancing in her writing, but I think it can be applied to anything in life. I need to mention my amazing talented art teacher, David Bowman. Check out his work, he's crazy good.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A painting of Holly

This is an oil painting of Holly, she is one of the most beautiful, lovely, genuine, and sincere friends that I have been blessed to have in my life! She had a picture which worked perfect for an idea I have. With her permission, I was able to paint my idea. Although this picture is complete, I have so so so much more to learn and skeelz (skills) to develop if my idea is to come to life! I need to thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me, I actually feel passionate about drawing/painting which in turn makes me more appreciative and amazed at the talents others possess!

Monday, October 26, 2009


Yes my first blog! Holly inspired me to start one after I read about Mrs. G. We'll see how it goes! P.S. My first time riding a motorcycle tonight! I don't know how it happened (actually I do, but that's not important).

I put on the leather jacket and we took off through the streets pushing and sending fall leaves to the side of the road. It was so much fun, so naturally I smiled. Not a smart idea when the chill autumn night freezes your teeth and your forced to turn your smile into a stoic frown...or a weird smile. After my face regained some composure, the echo of the engine through the streets, the beauty of fall leaves, the comfort of stars and small-town street lamps lighting the night made me realize everything is okay and happiness is tangible if you allow yourself to forget the cold...or you can make the coldness part of the fun!

After all if it weren't cold, I wouldn't have worn the bad A leather jacket.